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Els tres de La Fanfarra al pont de "Malic a Babilònia"

A Dues Mans

Claudia Schneider i Polichinela en  "Euridice i els Titelles de Caronte".

Saló d'Anubis

A Mans Plenes

TONI RUMBAU                        Català               Castellano

- B
orn in 1949, Barcelona .
B.A. degree in Spanish Literature and Language, University of Barcelona .

- In 1972 travelled in Italy , Turkey , Iran and Afghanistan . He moved to Denmark in 1972 and lived in Portugal from 1974 to 1975.

- In 1976 he founded the puppet company La Fanfarra together with Mariona Masgrau and Eugenio Navarro. Writer for the majority of the Fanfarra's productions until 1992.

- Created the character Malic, an Iberian Adventurer, protagonist of most of the company's shows until 1992.

- With his solo show “Two Hands”, and other productions by La Fanfarra , Toni Rumbau has toured the world, performing in most of E urope, in Scandinavia , Morocco , Egypt , Lebanon , Turkey , Pakistan , India , China , Russia , Brazil and Argentina .

- In1984, with La Fanfarra , he opened the Malic Theatre in Barcelona , Spain 's first fringe theatre. The theatre received the Critics' Special Prize (1991), The Barcelona City Prize for Theatre (1992) and the FAD Prize (1993).

- In 1993 Toni Rumbau established the Festival of Pocket Opera, Barcelona , of which he is the director (and which had its tenth edition in 2005).

- In 1999, he premièred his solo show “Double and Shadow”, in the Barcelona summer Arts Festival (Grec'99).

- In 2001, première of the opera “Euridice and the Puppets of Charon”, for which he wrote the libretto, with music by Joan Albert Amargós (Festival Grec 2001).

- In October 2002 he published his first novel, “ La Catedral de las Ruinas”, edited by Arola Editores.

- In November 2002 he created the network: Mediterranean Puppets and Shadow Puppets. In December 2002 he closed the Malic Theatre, after its eighteen year existence.

- In autumn 2003 he was an invited resident Fellow at the Bogliasco Foundation, (Study Centre for the Arts and Humanities, Liguria , Italy ), where he wrote the opera libretto “Doble Sombra”, a project with the Italian composer Federico Ermirio.

- He is currently the director, with Dietrich Grosse, of the Festival of New and Pocket Opera, Barcelona .

- In October 2005 he presented his book “Pipe Smoking or the Cauldron of Dreams”, with photographs by Albert Fortuny, published by Arola Editores.

- 2005 also saw the première of the Cantata “The Conference of the Children” with text by Toni Rumbau and music by Joan Albert Amargós, a commission by the Auditorium of Barcelona.

- In april 2007, he presented his book "Malic, l'Aventura dels Titelles", autobiografical book about his experience as a puppeter. Published by Arola Editors.

- In 2007, première of the opera “Salón de Anubis”, for which he wrote the libretto, with music by Joan Albert Amargós (Wintertur, Dramstadt and Barcelona, in the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya).

 - En march 2008, he presented his book"La Colla de la platja i el Futur de Catalunya",  publishjed by Arola Editorial.

- In april 2009, he presented his new puppet and shadow show "Full Hands".

- In 2010, he start with his projecte "Routes of Polichinela. Puppets and Cities of Europe".

- In March 2012, the three portals of the On Line Puppetring magazine are opened: Putxinel·li (in Catalan), Titeresante (in Spanish) and Puppetring (in English and French).

- In autumn 2012, 'Rutas de Polichinela. Títeres y Ciudades de Europa ('Routes de Polichinela. Puppets and Cities of Europe') is published in Spanish, edited by Arola Editors. The Catalan version is published in February 2013, also by Arola in collaboration with TOPIC of Tolosa. And the Portuguese version is edited by the Museu da Marioneta in Lisbon, in July 2013.

- In October 2012, the exhibition 'Rutas de Polichinela' at the TOPIC in Toolosa opens. The exhibition travels in July 2013 to Lisbon (Museu da Marioneta) and in 2014 to Madrid (Festival Teatralia).

- In 2013, the exhibition 'Figures of Doubleness' starts, in collaboration with the Institut del Teatre and Arts Santa Mònica center in Barcelona. The exhibition opens on October 8, 2015, and closes on January 10, 2016.

- With the exhibition 'Figures of Doubleness', the IF Barcelona Festival, dedicated to puppets and visual, mechanical and object theater, is also inaugurated.

- In November 2016, the IF Barcelona is celebrated, which begins its biannual journey: the even years dedicated to promoting new creations, as well as reflection, study and workshops, with a specialized symposium, and odd years dedicated to the Exhibition of shows.

- In 2016 Toni Rumbau starts the new writing and research project 'Mosaico Ibérico'.


















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